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Kirsuberjatréð (The Cherry Tree) is an Icelandic Design store run by 11 female artists. The house is full of local art and handicrafts which is designed and created locally by the artists.

Latest collection

  • Peysa ull hör

    Pullover – Wool – Linen

    42.000 kr.
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  • Red Bag from Salmon Fish Skin

    58.800 kr.
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  • skinnhúfa kalgan hvít

    Lambskin hat

    22.500 kr.
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  • Blue knot

    29.000 kr.
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  • Guðrún Borghildur mittens lúffur

    Leather Mittens

    25.900 kr.
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  • Necklace

    7.500 kr.
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  • Rekaviðarhálsmen

    Driftwood necklace -medium

    17.400 kr.
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  • Ylja

    Snuggly with pink button

    13.900 kr.
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  • Green bag from salmon fishskin

    34.800 kr.
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  • Skinnhúfa marglit

    Lambskin hat

    22.500 kr.
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  • Bracelet

    21.000 kr.
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  • Art in a frame

    12.500 kr.
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  • Hjartadögg

    Dew | HeartDew

    18.500 kr.
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  • Skinnhúfa mislit

    Lambskin hat

    22.500 kr.
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  • Arndís foðtöskur

    Bag from salmon fish leather

    39.800 kr.
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  • Hálsfesti

    12.800 kr.
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We welcome you to our store in the heart of Reykjavík city center where you can experience our artwork for yourself, which has been written about in many international magazines.

Our products include bags and purses from fish skin, magical music boxes, lamps and baskets and fragile bowls from radish paper, ceramics and pottery, porcelain cups, Christmas ornaments, candlesticks, funky jewelry, upcycled leather mittens, cushions and so much more.

A room for artists who want to exhibit their work.

Still Have Questions?

Learn more about our service offering with the links below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out.

The store is open from 12-18 Monday to Friday and from 12-17 on Saturdays.

Yes, if you don´t find your country in the checkout please contact us at [email protected]

Products can be returned within 4 weeks but the buyer must pay for shipping cost.

Unique pieces of art


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