Leather Mittens

Guðrún Borghildur and mittens and upcycling or upcycled leather are intertwined terms. In 2016 she decided to use only upcycled raw material, when possible. This is why she has put extra emphasis on using material that would otherwise be shredded, or worse yet, put in a landfill. 

23.900 kr.25.900 kr.


Guðrún Borghildur designs mittens and uses for the most part upcycled leather. She purchases her raw-material mainly from the Red Cross of Iceland, one of our goodwill associations, but she purchases only those items that are unsellable in the RKI stores. They are torn, worn, blemished, or somehow not in a good-enough condition for the customer to want to buy them. She has also been fortunate in that friends and aquaintances pass on to her clothes they wish to live on with a new function. Guðrún Borghildur lines her mittens with upcycled cashmere sweaters to make them exceptionally soft inside. The palms are always made from suede, to make driving with them more safe – so the hands grip the steering wheel better. An elastic band around the wrist keeps them put. The mittens come in eight sizes in all. Four ladies sizes, which are decorated with fur, always old coats, damaged in some way. And four mens’ sizes, which are usually not decorated, but may certainly be so, if the wish arises. The mittens should be handled like any other leather. They may be sprayed with a leather protector. But it is advised not to use them in very wet weather. See more on www.gudrunborghildur.is

Size info for shipping

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 5 cm

0 ladies, I ladies, II ladies, III ladies, III mens, IV mens, V mans, VI mens


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